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Your privacy is back!
Has the latest 3 strikes law got you on a downer? Don't want to receive those warnings and/or fine? Have no fear Zero-Strikes is here to put an end to that. Using our VPN services, will hide your real location and we keep no logs!
Run by Kiwi's for the Kiwi's our aim is to provide great support while keeping the costs low for the end user! We will never change our currency to anything else other than NZD! Ensuring that the REAL cost never changes.

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About VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used for many different purposes. Originally they were setup to allow secure connection of a remote user into the company network with access to files and email only normally available internally. This is still the preferred method of connectivity for hundreds of thousands of remote workers around the world. This means that VPN connections are quite common and you won't usually be questioned for using one.

VPNs can also be used to bypass all forms of internet censorship, some countries block access to freedom of speech sites whilst others block popular social networking sites like Facebook and the most popular video website YouTube! Some countries even block popular VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) program Skype from functioning so that you have to use their overpriced government run Telco. A lot of countries have put filters in place to protect users from certain types of pornography, but without transparency they could be blocking anything.

Anonymity can be provided by using a vpn due to the fact that your Ip address is concealed. With multiple users on one vpn no-one can tell who is accessing what information, especially on servers without logging, like Many countries are starting to implement biased laws allowing copyright infringement notices to be served on unsuspecting individuals, because their IP address has shown up on file sharing trackers. This could occur due to legitimate use of file sharing applications to download legitimate free software or media or due to someone unbeknownst to them using their Internet connection for illegal purposes with the burden of proof on the individual (guilty until proven innocent) these notices are an infringement on civil rights and liberties.

The latest reason for using a VPN is safety the connection between you and the vpn server is encrypted (usually) saving you from exposing vital passwords and information in public wireless hotspots. Also third parties, ISP or Government, cannot sniff your data on the way past.

All this sounds pretty good but just by using a vpn doesn't mean you wont get caught if you insist on breaking laws, no matter how unjust), subscribers get access to our complete internet safety guide.

"We take pride in never recording your ip address, not storing logs, never logging your activity or data transmitted through our servers. Truely an anonymouse service."

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Our Services

Cabin Boy

  • 10 GB of datatransfer
  • NO Speed Shaping
  • NO Port forwarding
  • $3.50 NZD p/m
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Perfect for someone who wants to secure their communications over insecure networks, browse the web anonomously, bypass a webfilter or corporate firewall but who doesnt want to download large files or watch many videos.

Deck hand

  • 20 GB of datatransfer
  • NO Speed Shaping
  • 1x Port forwarding
  • $5.00 NZD p/m
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Great if you have a shared or limited internet plan and want to download a small amount of files or a few movies. Great for getting past the content filter that your geek dad setup on the broadband router. Still provides security and privacy.

First Mate

  • 40 GB of datatransfer
  • NO Speed Shaping
  • 1x Port forwarding
  • $8.00 NZD p/m
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Good if you've got your own internet account but its not huge and you dont want to use it all up downloading. Still provides the same security, privacy and anonimity.


  • 100 GB of datatransfer
  • NO Speed Shaping
  • 3x Port forwarding
  • $15.00 NZD p/m
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Ruler of the high seas, you've got one of these big new plans and you gots to gets you loads o booty. With 3 ports to forward its beware to all who dare cross yer bow.

Ye we can do bigger customs plans, contact us directly.

"Not super fly with computers and its lingo? No worries!, our support team offers great support via email or live chat! - Still sounds hard? We offer remote desktop support! That's right! We can get you up and running from our location!"

"Austria, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Australia, France , New Zealand, (UK)Berkshire, (UK)Edinburgh, (UK)London, (US)Dallas, (US)Kansas, (US)LosAngeles"

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Your Frequently Asked Questions
  • ?Are you really Kiwis'?

    Kiwi as fish n chips on a friday night ~ Kiwi as "the dog" n whitebait fritters ~ What's up boilup.

  • ?Is this legal?!

    Yes it is legal to use a VPN. Not even your ISP can decrypt your information. Thus they are unable to see what you are up to.

  • ?What type of vpn do you support?

    We currently support OpenVPN(TCP/UDP), PPTP and IPSec/L2TP(Upon request) .

  • ?OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP what?

    PPTP requires no additional software on windows, and is very quick to setup. It only offers 128bit encryption(low) and requires additional steps + software solutions to prevent ip leak if- in case of it disconnecting over night. IPsec/L2TP offers higher encryption and a lot users experience much higher speeds when using this compared to PPTP. OpenVPN requires additional software very easy to setup following our PDF and offers much higher encryption 1024+bit compared to 128bit from PPTP, also prevents ip leaking.

  • ?Ok so which one should i use?

    We recommend using OpenVPN when ever possible, Its alot faster than other VPN types, also much higher grade encryption! But what we really love is how it doesnt leak your IP Address should you disconnect over night, it stalls the traffic until it can reconnect, or you close it in the morning!

  • ?What is port forwarding?

    Some applications work better/require port forwarding. For example torrent applications do not REQUIRE an open port, but preform much better when they have an open port. Another example would be running a chat server from your home computer <- This would require port forwarding.

  • ?I dont understand how this works exactly?

    In a nutshell, basically all your traffic is routed through the VPN. The VPN then requests what ever it was you were trying to retrieve. It looks like the VPN requested the information, while not revealing where the request actually came from(You)

  • ?What information do you record?

    We record no data other than your email address and password and traffic used.

  • ?What operating systems do i need?

    All of our product range work on Windows, Linux and Mac! IPSec for Andriod and PPTP for IPhone!

  • ?Are there any contracts?

    You will be billed on a month-to-month system. Simply stop any time.

  • ?What are you payment options?

    We currently only offer Paypal and Bitcoin!

  • ?How do I know That I'm Using the VPN?

    Do an IP test easily by visiting sites such as Whatismyipaddress or similar site that is easily found by a websearch for similar keywords

"Still left with unanswered questions? Check us out on live chat, or simply drop us a message - We'll be happy to answer any questions you have. We'll even consider sticking it up on our FAQ page if you think it should belong there!"

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"We welcome all types of feed back, We are always keen to know what our customers think about our services.
Our response times are generally within an hour, but sometimes we too get a little busy, but we promise to answer all messages within 24 hours MAX! "